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Sunday, July 20, 2014

explains why the computer beeps pcs- free tips

explains why the computer beeps pcs- free tips

Peace begins with all karachikampiutare is why it beeps before ... no one knew from the site to provide a 
link to any site, so knew it was Forgot nayini 1st beep wrote about the full respect of his re-tune it.

The following are some of the computer beeps:

1 short bipah computer has booted right way

See your computer's hardware driver backup restore pcs- athaba free tips

While many of us have lost the driver software is different driver software product can be collected from the respective sites of the Double Driver software driver software, you can backup or restore.

Click here to download and install the software from the

What is your Computers then double-drive, open it to find driver software, click Scan

pcs- Internet search for hardware drivers yebhabe free tips

ইন্টারনেটে হার্ডওয়্যার ড্রাইভার খুঁজবেন যেভাবে…

Seen a lot of time on the computer can not find a hardware driver or the driver has been deleted from the computer anyway. To the Internet you can easily find the driver for your hardware. Let us see how ...

pcs- remove the solution to your computer problem! -free tips

We are often faced with a variety of computer ... can be seen in the C drive of your computer files showing Error. The unusual behavior of your computer, the setup is a time to admit defeat and nothing is to lose a lot of the new. (For those of you who use undo XP is an excellent software XP Repair Pro. With this software, you will see the files on the computer Error and can easily ripayara. Rejisti able to fix the problem.

100% of your power saplaita pcs- Okay? - free tips

The heart of the PC power supply. A common problem with the computer's power supply is lost. So today I have come to talk to two of the power supply. All of our guides are available to them saplaya is no warranty. I know that if I would like some information that you first understand that you can easily check your power supply.

pcs- Let us know what operating system? -free tips

But I know what operating system they do not know who is the best way for them to this post.

Operating System

Operating system software, which is a computer program that controls eksikiusanake and scheduling, debugging, input / output control, accounting, compilation, storage assignment, data management, and ancillary works.

Now down to the micro computer or PC operating systems have widely coitus.



There is nothing to worry about all the computer drives pcs- Brock! - free tips

I'm new to this edition. So I have created this post is about 1 month, but were unable to post. How many people wanted the post to pabalisa. Were forced to sit this morning. I realized that the reason the base of all the Wharf could pabalisa

1 st my tune in just 21 words is due to the fact that browsing can not be learned.

That is why I made this tune. We put a lot of time in our much needed files to any drive that much time to keep hidden or locked. If you wish to adopt this method, many computers can block all drives.

Check-with-your pc's-connector-gulike pcs- free tips

We have many devices connected to the computer every day, but because the kanekatara (connector) to connect the name it and you do not know or do not know all the time that we usually USB, DVI, Ps / 2 SATA, PATA, etc., are familiar with, but the rest of the kanekatara (connector) s we may not know the names of all my little tune with their name. He is connected with its first assume that the Plug and which is connected to the socket. So let's start ...
Not the first known kanekatara (connector) USB
Check-with-your pc's-connector-gulike pcs- free tips
Full Name - Universal Serial Bus

pcs- Video-Tutorials-Computer-hardware -ree tips

  হার্ডওয়্যার সম্পর্কিত বিভিন্ন সমস্যা ও সমাধান : সিস্টেম ইউনিট

Bengali Video Tutorials on computer hardware may take advantage of the many

idm-hardware on the-motherboard-basabasa free tips

idm-hardware on the-motherboard-basabasa free tips

Meinaborda motherboard or computer located inside the circuit board so that the system's requirements are different devices connected to each other and the system is connected to the new device. These devices are called in computing peripherals (Peripherals). Advances in technology, although it is not possible due to the definition of the motherboard's perfect because every new peripherals are connected to the motherboard.

idm-hardware on the-motherboard-basabasa free tips

When the computer starts, it was not anything like today's motherboard. The joys of the first to install the necessary equipment 'byakapleina' the system was kept. It's actually a lot of the connector PCB board was (as some of the motherboard's PCI port), these connectors are very different processing devices, storage devices, etc., could be fitted. Were added separately and combine them back all the plain was used. With the 'single-board computer, it is a complete computer processing would become part lagalei. This is shown in the lower part of the picture byakapleina the single board computer.

Plain of the benefits that would like to back up until the desired connector or open the device was fitted. The cable was not any trouble.

My computer's CD / DVD drive can not find? Here is the solution

My computer's CD / DVD drive can not find? Here is the solution

For a long time I'm with Partridge. Tiunagulo read regularly, but do alasemira comments due to distant tiunato. However, it is my personal fault, come to work.

Last month, one of my cousins, i-pods and brought her to some of the songs loaded. Made.

The benefits of bamboo and ate a small, open My Computer after it was detected.

the motherboard is out of date, just a USB 2.0 jack idm- lagiye Solution

"Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim"

Madarabordake day just a USB 2.0 jack and set the date. So guys to ponder, do not bother them!

Statutory alert

I am not responsible if anyone affected by this tune. However, if one is damaged in any way, but this little tune nihdidhaya proteka will delete or password.

the motherboard is out of date, just a USB 2.0 jack idm- lagiye Solution

How to repair broken laptop power jack? - Free tips for- (Advance Level)

How to repair broken laptop power jack? - Free tips for- (Advance Level)

Are those who are using a laptop, and how much danger they are well aware of the problems of laptops. Laptop repair of an expensive process. In this article today I will tell you how you can bring a laptop broken power jack. The money you will save at least 000 / - to 500 / - to Rs (depending on the reputation of the service center).

Income Blogging for Search Engine Optimization + {A Must Read for New Blogger}

Search engine optimization in the current period and the issues discussed numerous tips on khujale ana lines available. Which ones work and fabrication. However, search engine optimization are related to my post, I will not give any tips baram I have a new site to get ranked in the search engines you'll briefly describe what to do.সার্চ ইঞ্জিন অপটিমাইজেশন+ব্লগিং=টাকা {A Must Read for New Blogger}

Search-engine ranking-SEO and Adsense bisayaka free tips

Thought this series due to the objections of some tuner tune and do not write in the next episode. But ask me again after so many Tarantino answer some topics of interest to them tune write more episodes. Whatever multilayer come.

Submitted to the site of the first search engines will. Go to this link to submit your site shuteye

As shown in the parts of the site and click submitter.

Comply with the rules is better performance for laptops laptops. free Laptop Tips

Comply with the rules is better performance for laptops laptops.

How to clean a laptop? - Free tips

See if you get off the computer suddenly suspect idm- saplaike Get Solution


Today is a very common type of tips. Computer hard disk, RAM, motherboard, along with a multitude of different devices from behind the "power" of the things. In our country, due to fluctuations in the voltage of the electrical components used in electronic components can be damaged from the start, mainly because the electric distribution system.

How hard disk data recover service keyarara idm- kareh Solution

We came up with some of the techniques discussed. We have a lot of time on PC BLUE SCREEN message. It can be seen in many different reasons. One of the hard disk.

Some questions and answers on this line idm- computer, hold the future in learning lagabe free tips

Q -1. What is the computer? Computer Parts Now what?

Answer: the computer in an electronics device. Some information is given to the east, via the input device input arithmetic and logical data processed by the processor tasks that provide precise output.
Computer organization sects niurupa

Review idama TV card to buy TV cards bhabachena free tips

Bengali blogs that we could not turn on the reviews of the product too. English to rely on product reviews yet. I think everyone should be allowed to review their used products to buy in the future who will benefit.

Will any kind of TV card?

First, you need to consider. Do you accept the card for recording or just watching TV. Need remote or not?

There are three types of TV cards. 1. Internal (Internal) II. Eksatararnala (External) 3. USB (USB)

Internal kardah them get better video quality than others. But the problem is, if you run the recording will be on PC. Card will be fitted with a PCI slot on the motherboard, graphics card that will occupy a slot. Can not turn on the TV to rush, to be on the PC will have to wait. If you use the monitor to the PC can not run to waste. Because of these problems, the internal cards are becoming increasingly unpopular. The Quality of the pictures you make, and the recording of uncompromising worry if your first choice is the internal card. Ebharamidiya (Avermedia) of the card will receive 3,100 rupees, the budget is low keoyarlda (Kworld) at 2600 can take the card.

See idm- two single computer free tips

Usually the computer is switched on by pressing the computer. But at times the power button to turn on the computer without any problem is a lot of trouble.



How are you all? I hope you are well. Computer hangs there are people who think I do not. And if someone is claiming that hangs on his computer so he does not know what hangs in my opinion. Today I'll let you know about some of the reasons of the computer hangs. We hope you will benefit. And that does not stretch. Now come to the point.

Intel's chip set out the details of the ... New Tips

I hope everyone is doing well today I started to tune II will bless

Human life is the heart, then you can say that the most important part of the computer's motherboard is the life? Chipset. Because without a motherboard chipset has. And that is the beginning of the number of the motherboard's chipset motherboard model number. A motherboard is the Gigabyte Gigabyte Z68 s2v such a model, which indicates that it is Intel Z68 chipset. Now the question is what is the importance of the chipset ?? If you do not answer bhalamanera chipset processor and motherboard, then you will not find in other parts of the entire facility. Why can not I'll explain to you quietly.

Do you think USB-3:

Want to use the technology, but it does not support your motherboard chipset, you can not use it. That's why you are buying the motherboard chipset to be monitored closely so that it is useful to use the new technologies.

Some of the contents of the-graphics-card,-What is Grafics-cord

Hey brother, what about you? How are you? Welcome to my post a few days I was busy I am so sorry eibara job goodbye.

Today, the topic of my graphics card. Today, I'll do that all that is wrong with the graphics card you have ideas to correct it. The graphics card is a complex issue for many. In fact, the little jatilai beparata. But not to worry, I'm not. I will give it all easy. Read the post at the empty little head. (If you are curious)
*** Graphics card ***

Some of the contents of the-graphics-card,-What is Grafics-cord

The graphics card is a video card, display card, eksaselaretara card called. More or less all the trouble was with the graphics card. It feels great about separated trouble.

Hardware related problem-and-the-solution-of-various-problems-and-solutions & hard

Hardware related problem-and-the-solution-of-various-problems-and-solutions & hard

Anytime your hard disk may be damaged or errors can occur. With minor errors, you can use the Disk First Aid Tool Kit.

Ram Problem Solving & What to do when and how?

If the problem is the motherboard of your computer hooked Ram Ram Ram slot slot motherboard open another set of tests can see whether any issues.

Ram slots for opening your
Ram Problem Solving & What to do when and how?

Hardware related problems and solutions & Systems Unit

All the computer parts, this part is connected together. It is in the form of a box. In some cases, this box is available in portrait and landscape, in some cases this is the box.

Hardware-problem-and its-solution-Part-3

When all components of the computer with the gigs will take more equipment. Pass plus a star screwdriver, a noja plus, etc. If they're going to gigs started assembling.

PC assembling
Hardware-problem-and its-solution-Part-3



Some common problems and their solution of the computer free tips

Some common problems and their solution of the computer free tips
Today, we have tried to highlight the problem of few computers, which we saw a lot of time in our daily lives, but we do not know the real reason, and a temporary solution. We hope you like this post, and this is not the opinion of the positive sense. We're going to start are:

You can visit the site. So much more.


Take it happen could be used to solve the problem of the scanner

If you see your scanner does not work, then you know what steps should be taken ninah

     Just like in the back of the scanner cable, please do not take checks. Because if you do not go back, just like cable will not get in your scanner.
     Your scanner is not exactly like it, just like the note. Your scanner's power cable to the power line, just like you do not have to check. If your scanner is the scanner's power, then you can see the lights burning.


Thank you, dear tekatiuna bhijitarabrnda tekatiuna from my congratulations and sincere Best Mubarak excluded. Today I will also present a software that software can be serviced at any Epson printer itself. It will not go to the trouble and cost of the service center and do not have to spend. We see almost all Epson printer shows rikooyyara two to three months after the service. (Printers, two red lights to tip back and forth, but does not read any print kamanta depression. This is the release of frustration I have with this tune is good for me tekatiunasaha reason.

Screen sata -1


Such signals may show your printer


Wireless enthusiasts have been repurposing satellite dishes for a couple years now. This summer the longest link ever was established

over 125 miles

using old 12 foot and 10 foot satellite dishes. A dish that big is usually overkill for most people and modern mini-dishes work just as well. The dish helps focus the radio waves onto a directional antenna feed. We're building a biquad antenna feed because it offers very good performance and is pretty forgiving when it comes to assembly errors. Follow along as we assemble the feed, attach it to a DirecTV dish and test out its performance.

Why? With just a handful of cheap parts, a salvaged DirecTV dish and a little soldering, we were able to detect access points from over 8 miles away. Using consumer WiFi gear we picked up over 18 APs in an area with only 1 house per square mile.

Building the antenna

Biquad antennas can be built from common materials, which is nice because you do not have to scrounge around for the

perfectly-sized soup can.

We did have to buy some specialized parts before getting started though.

The most important part here is the small silver panel mount N-connector in the center of the picture; the entire antenna will be built on this. We purchased it from S.M. Electronics,

Come Hear-DDR2 and DDR3 RAM What is the difference between?

What is the difference between DDR2 and DDR3 RAM?

1. DDR RAM means Double Data Rate Random Access Memory. If a DDR RAM 100 MHz data transfer per cycle if two DDR2 and DDR3 RAM, 4 to 8 will!

For example, if a 100 MHz DDR RAM memory bandwidth is a 1600 MB / sec when to DDR2 3200 MB / s and have DDR3 64,000 MB / sec!
Come Hear-DDR2 and DDR3 RAM What is the difference between?
Corsair DDR3 RAM famous gaming Ven jensa

Check-nati-something Coming- Motherboard's-posts

Computer hardware is the most important and best service available to madarabord madarabordbhalo brands yayabhaya area motherboard's chipset. Why not make that kind of PC-E motherboard with the Intel chipset can make.

Let's see some good brands of motherboard
১) ASUS Motherboard
  • Intel® G41 + ICH7 chipset
  • FSB 1333/1066/800 MHz (Front Side Bus)
  • ASUS Turbo Key
  • DX10 Support
  • 3D graphics performance
Check-nati-something Coming- Motherboard's-posts
2)Gigabyte Motherboard